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First, and most important, please pray for us. Pray that we will be an instrument of God and that He will use us for His divine purpose. Pray that everything we say or do on stage will glorify Him in some way. Pray that everyone who attends one of our events will leave closer to Him than they were when they arrived. Pray that our music would reach the ears and the hearts of the lost and that His Holy Spirit will convict them to turn to Christ for salvation. Pray that He will keep us safe as we travel from place to place. Pray for our families as we are away from home. In all things, pray that His will be done.
The Dayspring Trio relies on the generous donations of our listeners to support the work of this ministry. If you can’t make it to one of our events and would like to contribute financially, you can make a one-time donation by clicking the “Donate” button below.

If you would like to support our ministry financially on a more regular basis, you can become a sponsor by completing the form below. As a sponsor, you will make a recurring contribution to this ministry. The amount can be anything you wish and you can schedule your donations to occur on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Your sponsorship can continue indefinitely or you can schedule it to automatically stop after a certain number of cycles.

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Word of mouth is the best advertisement! If you can’t support our ministry financially, you can support us socially. Like us on Facebook and share our posts with your friends. Encourage your Pastor or Music Minister to have us sing at your church. Recommend us to other churches in your area or to your friends and family.
Show your support for what we do by showing up! We will sing for crowds of any size, but if you aren’t there then we are still one person short. So, grab a friend and come join us for a time of worship and fellowship. Check our schedule to see when we will be in your area.